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Isn’t it a pain to deal with building permit paperwork that you have no idea about and run around city halls? Why don’t you leave it to the professionals? Orana specializes in building permit services Mississauga & has detailed knowledge about the latest requirements from the Mississauga Building Permit Department for various types of Residential & Commercial Building Permits. We offer low cost, high quality permit drawing services in Mississauga with quick turaround, so that you can start your construction as soon as possible.

Residential Permits

    Home Addition Permits

    Interior Alteration Permits

    Basement Walk-out Permits

    Secondary Unit Basement Permits

    Decks/ Landscaping Permits

    Detached/Attached Garage Addition

    Laneway Suite Permits

    Sunroom Permits

    Load Bearing Wall Removal Permits

Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Permits

    Re- Demising Unit Permits

    Restaurant Design & Permits

    Hotel/Motel Design & Permits

    Commercial Addition Permits

    Industrial Building Alterations & Addition

    Retail Facility Drawings & Permits

    Personal Service facility Permits

    Re-demising unit Permits

    Business License Permits

Other Permits

    Signage Permits

    Change of Land use

    Preliminary zoning Check

    Minor Variance

    Re-Zoning/ Land Severing applications

    Site plan Approvals

    Tree removal permits

    Conversation authority approvals’

    Heritage protection authority Approvals

What is a Building Permit?

A Building Permit is a formal approval from the city of Mississauga that allows you to proceed with construction, demolition, addition or renovation on your property. As part of the Building Permit process, The city of Mississauga: Building Permit Department would review your permit drawings to make sure that they are according to the Ontario Building Code, local Zoning By-laws and other Applicable Law.

Who needs a Building Permit?

If your project involves any additions, demolitions, alterations or major changes to your property's structure or its mechanical systems, you are required to apply for an appropriate permit from the City of Mississauga. However, in some cases you might not be required to obtain a permit. You can contact us on (416) 238-8363 or E-mail us on to find out if you need a permit or not.

When is a permit typically required?

Below is a list of jobs which require you to obtain a building permit from the Mississauga Building Permit Department:

  • Second or Third story additions
  • Attached garages, carports
  • Sunrooms
  • Solariums, porches, decks
  • Adding or removing walls (i.e., changing room sizes and/or uses)
  • New windows or doors where there were none before
  • Enlarging or relocating existing windows or doors
  • Enclosing an existing deck, porch or patio of any size
  • Structural or material alterations
  • Installing or modifying heating and or plumbing systems
  • Excavating and/or constructing foundations
  • Basement underpinning
  • Constructing a basement entrance
  • Adding a second suite
  • Energy and environmental building improvements, such as
  • Roof top storm water retention systems
  • Green roofs
  • Structures used in the support of a wind turbine generator with a rated output of more than 3kW
  • Solar projects such as installation of solar collector systems and solar hot water systems
  • Covers more than 60 metres squared (646 square feet); and/or
  • Is attached to a building; and/or
  • Is within 3 metres (9 feet 10 inches) from another structure

Why Orana


We are always committed to the given Timelines.


A team of experts with years of experience in the industry.


We customize & turn your ideas into reality.


Regular reporting & feedback to the customer throughout the process.


No overpricing, no hidden costs or agenda, best value assured.

Customer Satisfaction

Our results turn customers into brand ambassadors.


We believe in clarity and unhindered honesty


The quality of our final product is what makes us special.



Homeowners make for our largest client base as we are specialists in residential building permits Mississauga & we guide you throughout the process & make it hassle-free.


Top contractors in GTA trust us because we provide them with high quality & value for money services so that they can focus on their core competencies while making an extra income via referals.

Professional Services Firms

We provide low cost, high quality design, drafting & building permit services to professionals & professional services firms with fast turnarounds.

Construction companies/ Builders

If you are a contruction company or a builder looking for highest standards of design, engineering & permit drawings services in Mississauga with highly competitive pricing, then we are your perfect partners.

The Building Permit Process at ORANA


Contact us

Contact us via phone or e-mail & describe your project. Our experts will then tell you If a permit is required or not. Some jobs may require multiple permits.


Schedule a free on-site visit

Once the scope of work is established over the phone/e-mail, we then schedule a free on-site visit where one of our experts comes to the site to discuss the project in detail & also to take measurements of the property to prepare all the necessary drawings.


Prepare the permit application

Our Permit Experts prepare your application which includes all the building permit drawings & documents required by the City of Mississauga building permit department.



Our team submits your building permit application & informs you to pay the requisite building permit fee to the city directly or through us.


Building Permit is Granted

The licensing office will issue you an official permit certificate once everything is submitted & approved.


Are you ready to get your Building Permits?

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